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"Headed North"   Artist: Frank McCarthy

it’s all about trust


Double R Sales & Associates LLC is a sales representative agency group with a team of qualified and experienced sales professionals. We represent manufacturers with quality products selling to the agricultural, equine, companion animal, hardware and veterinary markets that have a desire and potential to grow.

Trusted by manufacturers and wholesale distributors for over 25 years, our approach is no-nonsense and based on old-fashioned integrity. We also employ custom strategies to ensure success for your product lines and our distributors. It shows in our manufacturer’s sales results and your satisfaction. Our average manufacturer representation time is 20+ years.

We understand our manufacturer’s products, we are animal enthusiasts as well.

Hand us the reins for: 


Nationwide sales representation for diverse equine, companion animal and animal health products

Market Intelligence, Expertise, and Guidance

When you choose Double R Sales & Associates LLC,
your product sales will be “Headed” in the Right Direction