Rooster Booster makes poultry feed additives and supplements as well as topical products for pest management, wound recovery, cannibalism/picking and pecking prevention.

Whether you are interested in products for poultry nutrition or poultry and fowl flock management, our line of products will meet your needs. Rooster Booster Products enhance and promote good health, in addition to promoting better bone and egg development.

You don't have to be a large poultry producer to use our products. Tried and true Rooster Booster Products are manufactured under the highest quality control in the same factory for over 20 years.

– Super concentrated 10,000mcgper ounce of pure B-12. Helps multiple species in times of stress due to illness. Aids in stimulation of appetite for proper growth. Oxygenates blood and increases alertness. Excellent method of providing B-12 without the hassle of injections.

– Control cannibalism in poultry. Comes in a convenient squeeze bottle with applicator tip.

– A soluble vitamin and electrolyte supplement with source of live(viable) naturally occurring microorganisms. In a convenient, easy to use 8oz container with a screw on lid.